Limit Call Number Browse to LC


A call number browse can be executed that limits the results to LC call numbers.

Confirmation: A call number browse limited to LC call numbers does not call up any other type of call number.


Rhonda Kauffman
April 25, 2013, 9:12 PM

We searched:

Call Number Type, LCC, Holdings – No Search Results Found.
Call Number Type, LCC, Items --No Search Results Found.
Call Number Type, LC, Holdings – 79 results. We chose Edit on one and saw the holdings field for Call Number Type is "# No Information Provided" (We assumed this should be filled in as LCC) (see Screenshot HoldingsEdit)

Selenium script: OLETS-484-LC-call-no-brows-shelvingscheme
We did another set of searches trying to figure out what code was being searched on. We tried:
InstanceHoldings, Shelving Scheme Code = LCC – 100+ results
InstanceItem, Shelving Scheme Code = LCC – 400+ results
Therefore: This is most likely the Call number browse functionality.

We think basically, that the functionality to limit search to LC is successful. It is incredibly difficult to try to piece together HOW to perform a search we want because there are too many choices to choose from to limit the search that we don't know what the underlying codes are to choose from.

We believe the search functionality is searching the xml wrapper labeled Call Number Type, but we search the field called Shelving scheme. Our expectation as a user is that the search should match the fields displayed to the user on the item and holdings record (which just say Call Number Type but the xml wrapper for that is Shelving Scheme! How are we to know??).

Jain Waldrip
April 25, 2013, 9:49 PM


I need to know what's being tested in this test case. It looks like there weren't any steps entered in the description, so I'm assuming that what's being tested is the "Call Number Browse" screen in Rice 2. Is that correct?

I need some descriptive steps for the workflow in order to be able to troubleshoot this.

I also need clarification on where on the interface you were able to specify "LC" as a value instead of "LCC" and return results - I worked with Rich on this and could not reproduce this scenario.

Jain Waldrip
April 26, 2013, 3:43 PM

This test case consists of verifying that the call numbers returned on the Call Number Browse screen are limited to only the Library of Congress Classification scheme. At the time of this writing, just under 20 hours after the most recent Test Environment refresh, there are 400+ records with LCC formatted call numbers in the system. Given the large number of call numbers and the limitations of Selenium IDE, it is not possible to create a sufficient Selenium IDE script to automate this test.

Jain Waldrip
April 26, 2013, 8:32 PM

Cycled back to Testing Round 1, re-assigned to Rhonda for updating and passing.

Rhonda Kauffman
April 26, 2013, 8:37 PM

searched Call Number Browse: LC Call Number Type, empty search field, Item
Resulted in 485 hits. Scrolled through all pages and there were only LC call numbers present. If there was one that didn't look like LC (there was one that was 621), we went into the record to see how it was coded. It was coded incorrectly as an LC call number type (instead of DDC/Dewey) at the item level.

Same for Holdings – LC Call Number Type, empty search field, Holdings. Resulted in 60+ records. No other call number types were pulled into the search.


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