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OLE Governance

Find information on:

  • OLE leadership and project structure
  • Roles and responsibilities for everyone involved in OLE

OLE Project Resources

Locate tools and resources used by OLE:

OLE Best Practices and Business Processes

Discover OLE's best practices and day to day business processes:

  • Development guides
  • Unit testing methods
  • Documentation how-tos
  • QA testing procedures

OLE Project Development

Wiki space for our upcoming release.  Find:

  • Iterative technical documentation
  • Listing of and information on OLE's environments
  • System architecture notes
  • Configuration notes for working on local machines

OLE Published Documentation

Obtain published user documentation and release notes for our current and past releases.

OLE Current Release Status Report

Learn what is presently happening on the project:

  • Sprint release notes


Please send comments about this site or requests for new pages to Anne H.

Kuali OLE Milestone Release 2.0 is now available!

Go to our Test Drive now, or read through the documentation available on the OLE Published Documentation wiki page!




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